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Detailed Church Insurance in Shreveport, Louisiana

Find an affordable solution to your church insurance needs with help from the staff at Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our primary focus is churches. Normally, we visit the church and the grounds and perform a building evaluation. We meet with you to discuss the type of activities you do, and we provide you a quote based on the values or activities we covered.

Insurance Policies

Our church insurance mostly covers property and liability insurance through GuideOne Insurance. GuideOne Insurance is a specialist in the field that is geared toward providing insurance for churches. We’ve been partnered with them since 1975, and we trust them to provide our customers with the best policies for their needs.


There is no cost for our initial consultations, since the evaluation usually takes five business days to complete based on your location. Once you contact us, all we need to know is the location of your church, Christian school, or college. We come out and meet with you to get the rest of your information once we go over your application.

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Contact us in Shreveport, Louisiana, for more information about our church insurance policies or to schedule a consultation.