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Innovative Insurance Risk Evaluation in Shreveport, Louisiana

Calculate the risks and options available for your insurance needs with a detailed insurance risk evaluation from Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. in Shreveport, Louisiana. We start each consultation with a risk evaluation. Our insurance teams look at fire alarms, stoves, fire extinguishers, vents, and other items before checking to determine if they are up to code.

Schools must meet certain requirements of student-to-worker ratios, as well as other factors for different variables. We check for several issues, including potential problems, and catch many things that our clients don’t normally think about.

We are looking for potential hazards such as flooring. Many homes and churches have slate floors, which are unsafe on wet days.

For example, we recently went into a new building and noticed things that they did not include, such as fire alarms. We are trained to look for these things, and we know about the great discounts you get on premiums and rates for exceptional safety features.

Classroom - Risk Evaluation

Contact our teams in Shreveport, Louisiana, to request information or to schedule your own insurance risk evaluation.