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Comprehensive Auto & Student Insurance in Shreveport, Louisiana

Ensure you’re covered in case of emergencies or accidents with auto and student insurance services from Church Insurance Specialists, Inc. in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our teams even cover Christian schools and colleges. 

Christian Colleges & Schools

Interested schools and colleges need to be religiously affiliated. Our company is unable to write for schools who are not religiously affiliated. Religious schools and colleges are governed under different rules that public and non-religious schools.

Once you or your property chairmen, board members, and headmasters contact us, we come to you for an on-site consultation. We must physically see the site to gain an accurate quote for you. Photos are great, but we have to see the building since photos can be enhanced.

Auto Insurance

We also cover church and personal automobiles. We write policies through the Progressive auto insurance company, and we provide standard and non-standard auto policies. Our teams write full-auto coverage, liability, and physical damage. The rate all depends on the age of the driver.

Student Medical Insurance

In addition to our college and school or auto insurance policies, we also offer student medical insurance.
We write for both religious and non-religious schools through AIG and GuideOne. The policies are based on the number of kids in the school, grouped by age.

White Car - Auto Insurance

This accidental medical policy acts as a secondary option to parental coverage. With the changes in place from the Affordable Care Act, this policy provides a safety net for school activities and sports teams. The school signs up and we cover all students.

For more information about our auto and student insurance policies, or to discuss your specific needs, contact our staff in Shreveport, Louisiana.